The GroomSmart dashboard, showing the day ahead
The GroomSmart daily dashboard shows the day ahead for the whole team. See appointment at a glance, key account information, and the important things like pet birthdays.
GroomSmart displays all of your pets with important information at your fingertips. All pets can be searched, sorted, and filtered, giving you the power to find anything in seconds.
All of a pets details are displayed in an easy to read format. You'll see quick-fire stats about the pet and tabs to group relevant data. The format is similar to a client card, so you'll feel right at home.
GroomSmart makes adding a new pet or editing an existing one a breeze. Handy information is available for each section of the form and there are input helpers throughout to speed up the process.
With GroomSmart it's just as easy to add and edit owner or veterinary practice information. Handy information is available with each section of the form and there are input helpers throughout to speed up the process.
GroomSmart shows you all of the important things for an appointment in a clear and easy to read format. Quick-fire stats about the pet can be seen, as well as details about their previous cut.
Creating and editing appointments in GroomSmart is effortless. The form will auto-complete where possible so you only need to select the pet and appointment time. Details like duration, price, and even a suggested appointment date are auto-completed for you.
With GroomSmart you can generate simple but powerful reports. Weekly, monthly, and yearly reports makes GroomSmart your best friend when it comes to filing taxes, viewing appointment trends, and planning the next steps for your business.
An illustration of a woman, appointment cards, and a dog

Does this feel familiar?

Running your business with client cards, appointment cards, continuation cards, a diary, a Google calendar, and your phone calendar, all held together with some tape and a bit of luck.

GroomSmart is the solution.

GroomSmart does exactly what the name suggests. Dog grooming, but smart. Save hours of time, reduce the stress of managing everything, and focus on the things that really matter in your business.

An illustration of a woman, appointment cards, and a dog

Designed for dog groomers

Powerful functionality for dog groomers just like you.

See your day at a glance

No more flipping through diaries and phone calendars. GroomSmart shows you all of the important information for your day in one place.

Profiles for pets, owners, and vets

Forget tiny boxes on your appointment cards. All of your pets, owners, and veterinary practices have their information displayed in an easy to read way.

More information than you'll ever need

Temperament, medication, cut details, contact details, and so much more. Store important information for when you need it the most.

Flexible appointment calendar

Plan for the days, weeks, and months ahead. Look back at all of your past appointments. Access the all of the details with ease.

Add new appointments in seconds

It's a nightmare trying to book an appointment when there's a wet dog on the table. Booking a new appointment takes just seconds with GroomSmart.

Informative appointment reports

Visualise your years, months, and weeks. GroomSmart shows data about your completed appointments to help you put together your tax return.

Work alone or in teams

GroomSmart supports individuals and teams alike. All team members work together from the same GroomSmart account without any friction.

Regular data backups

All of your data is regularly backed up and stored safely. GroomSmart keeps your data safe, you focus on building your business.

Text message reminders

Automatic text message reminders for all of your appointments to make sure clients don't forget. Cut down on no-shows and maximise your profits with no extra effort.

Coming soon

Client ratings

Is a client asking to be squeezed in? GroomSmart will show you how likely they are to cancel or not show up, so you can go the extra mile for your best clients.

Coming soon

Exclusive early access pricing

Use GroomSmart for free for the duration of the early access program


  • Store unlimited pets, owners, and veterinary practices.
  • Create unlimited appointments, as far in the future as required.
  • Access to the daily dashboard and appointments calendar.
  • View informative reports for all of your appointment history.
  • Zero risk. Export all data if GroomSmart isn't for you.
  • Instant access to all of the latest features and updates.

* GroomSmart is free during the early access program. All users will be informed about the end of the early access program. Afterwards GroomSmart will be a premium product available with a monthly subscription. All early access users will be given a lifetime discount.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to some common and important questions.

What is the early access program?

The early access program is a chance for dog groomers to use GroomSmart for free while the creators make GroomSmart better.

Is the early access program safe?

Yes. GroomSmart is a fully functional application that is used by dog groomers daily without issue.

What benefits do early access users get?

Early access users will have direct access to the creator of GroomSmart to voice concerns and opinions, helping shape the platform. They'll also get a lifetime discount after the program ends.

When does the early access end?

No date for the end of the early access program has been announced yet. Early access users will be given advanced notice of the programs ending.

Do you need credit card information?

No credit card information is needed during the early access program. Once the program ends, payment information will be required and processed securely through Stripe. Stripe are Level 1 PCI certified, which is the strictest level of certification available in the payments industry.

What if GroomSmart isn't a good fit for me?

If GroomSmart doesn't fit with your business I will work with you to help improve the platform, and you can ask to export all of your data at any point, so you lose nothing.

Who created GroomSmart?

Hi 👋 I'm Kieran Smith, a web developer from Staffordshire, UK. I'm building GroomSmart to help hard working dog groomers like you protect and power-up your business. I'm committed to working directly with you, to help make the platform better for you, and provide any support you might need.

How can I contact you with more questions?

You can book a phone call to run through any questions you have by clicking here. If phone calls aren't your thing, you can email any questions to and I'll do my best to answer them and get back to you as soon as possible.

Join the GroomSmart early access

GroomSmart is used daily by dog groomers just like you. Join them and take your business to the next level with powerful features like the daily dashboard, appointment reporting, searching, filtering, and more.